Spark Note or Read?~Farenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

It was a pleasure to burn...the spark notes. This book has reached far beyond my expectations. I sat in my AP Literature class at the end of school and I watched as my teacher passed out a book. My first reaction when I saw that it was Fahrenheit 451 was a solid...


I was less than thrilled to see that I had to read this book, especially after my teacher had told us that this book was at a ninth grade reading level. For someone who breathes books, I was quite distraught.

But fear not, for this simple review will get better!

Once I began my reading I couldn't put it down. The story of Montag and his journey to truth was an unexpected surprise, a pleasant surprise. The characters were understanding and the reader could easily relate. Bradbury created a dystopic world in which I was easily able to transport myself to. A world that revolved around my passion,




Montag, being an awry fireman, burns books in the hopes of eventually eradicating them. But, as one would only hope, he discovers, with the help of a young girl, that life isn't all that it seems in this society. That maybe, just maybe, there is something better than what Montag has been told his entire life, and that secret may lie within the very books he burns. With the help of some unexpected friends, Montag goes on a life-changing journey trying to discover whether or not books hold the answers he searches for. I will not ruin the ending and I don't want to reveal too much of the story, so I am going to leave it at that.

But, may I suggest some additional Literature to read before you travel through this wonderful book. Plato's Allegory of the Cave is a great read along. Granted, it is quite confusing at times and you must read it with an open mind (for better understanding look at the link below);but, it helps you to be able to comprehend and understand Montag's confusion and the chaos of the world in which he lives. The literary parallel between the two works are uncanny. Not only are you able to understand Montag's world better, but also the reality of the one in which we currently live.


Spark not or Read it?

Definitely a read.